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925 recycled cast bits silver necklace with double curb chain.

In my ways of working, there's always been running on the side the fact that I gather leftover silver and use them to cast some silver bits. So all the silver would be used.
It is almost like casting my own luck all the time, the pieces I have gotten are so magical and often it is hard to let them go.
Light Ceremony necklace highlights all the positive. It is story written with the help of physical 3D material. Wearer is responsible for interpreting story for oneself.

_It is 103 grams of silver, with most of the weight in front and big bit in the back.
_Chain for the neck is 41cm with extra curb chain of 8 cm.
_Chain could be closed anywhere due to it's large connections.
_In front there is a element, where chain runs through.

This piece is one-of-a-kind.